Garden Theme Bridal Shower

A garden theme bridal shower is perfect for the bride with a green thumb. Even if the bride to be is not an especially skillful gardener, who doesn’t love nature’s best? Flowers, green plants, beautiful pots, flirty butterflies, chirping birds and a beautiful summer afternoon or a crisp winter’s day.

A garden theme bridal shower is a fantastic way to shower the bride to be with love, affection and gifts of course! The best place to have a garden party is of course in your garden or backyard or patio. Anyplace outdoors can be adapted to the garden theme party. If you have access to a front lawn or backyard that is well designed and has a little pond and pretty flowers, you will save time and effort on the décor as well as having a great ambience!

Garden Theme Bridal Shower Invitations:

  • Buy long stemmed flowers and with each flower attach a note with the details of the party. Send them out to friends and family.
  • If you know where you can get banana leaves this idea works really great. Banana leaves are really large in size. So buy a silver or gold marker and write out the invitation details on the leaf itself! You could use leaves of any tree that are large enough to put down all the required details.

Garden Theme Bridal Shower Decorations:

  • If the party is being held in a garden blooming with flowers that already takes care of most of your decorations. If the venue seems a bit bare, put potted plants all around the area. You can rent out planters or just borrow them from family and friends. You could even ask the guests to carry along a potted plant each.
  • To add to the festive ambience you can cut out large butterflies from colored paper and hang them from trees and shrubs all around the garden or patio. You could also cut out over sized beetles, ladybugs and little birds.
  • You can use transparent organza in white and drape it on arches or boughs to give a regal look to the whole party.

Garden Theme Bridal Shower Food:

  • Bring out the spiked lemonade and long island iced tea. Use stirrers with flower shaped handles to get with the theme.
  • Serve chips and dip, tiny sandwiches and pastries. Let the pastries be shaped like flowers, the sandwiches can be leaf shaped and the dip – some things are best left as they are!

Garden Theme Bridal Shower Games:

  • Buy a dozen or so unique flowers and ask the guests to name each flower. The guest with the maximum number of correct answers wins.
  • Set up a scavenger hunt around the garden. It can be great fun!
  • You could set up garden games like croquet also.

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Garden Theme Bridal Shower Party Favors:

  • Heart shaped pressed flower keychains in organza bags
  • Flower pot shaped plantable wildflower favors
  • Glass hand painted daisy candles
  • Pressed garden leaves photo albums

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