Old Is Gold Theme Bridal Shower

This theme is perfect for an older couple. It works well as a bridal shower and a co-ed shower. Just remember that the idea is to celebrate things the way they were in the 60s and 70s. Practical jokes or digs at the couple’s age is a complete no-no.

Old Is Gold Theme Bridal Shower Invitations:

  • Cut out large flowers and write the party details on that.
  • Write the party details on a piece of cloth using a black marker. Get miniature bell-bottoms and stitch the party details onto them.
  • Get chocolate Cadillacs and send them out with the invitations.

Old Is Gold Theme Bridal Shower Decorations:

  • Go sixties! Put different colored cellophane on the lights in the room so you have a rainbow colored ambience.
  • Cut out large flowers from different colored paper and put them around the room.
  • Get floral print cushion covers and tablemats.
  • Ask all the guests to wear clothes from the sixties – bell-bottoms, cap sleeves, chunky belts and big hair. Large rose colored sunglasses or yellow sunglasses would fit the bill too.
  • Hang beads in all the doorways and as streamers.
  • Make signs of peace and hang all around.
  • Play rock music from the 60s.

Old Is Gold Theme Bridal Shower Food:

  • Cupcakes with smiley faces.
  • Pizzas and coke.
  • Cut out sandwiches in flower shapes.
  • Use a flower power tablecloth. Get paper plates with smiley faces or the flower power theme.
  • Make small placards with the peace sign to use as food labels.

Old Is Gold Theme Bridal Shower Games:

  • Twister.
  • Get organized for a DIY tie die event. Give all the guests plain white sarongs or scarves and help them tie die their scarves. These can also double as the party favors.
  • Get some poster colors and paint tattoos of flowers, smiley faces and the peace sign for all the guests. Great fun! Also since poster colors wash off with plain water there’s nothing to worry.
  • If you are having a co-ed shower then have a 60s style dance competition.
  • Put on some Elvis Presley and get everyone on the dance floor with balloons rubber banded to his or her feet. While dancing, the aim is to stomp out other people’s balloons. The dancer with the last balloon wins.
  • Play an old themed trivia game with couples as teams. Do you know the name of Little Ricky’s babysitter on “I Love Lucy”? How about Latka’s wife on “Taxi”? You can include trivia from movies, music and even advertisement to make it really fun.

Old Is Gold Theme Bridal Shower Party Favors:

  • Tie die sarongs or scarves.
  • Daisy shaped plantable wildflower favors.
  • Natural flower petal hand fans.
  • Mini thank you flower pots.

Remember, old is gold! Keep it a celebration of the past and resist urges to make fun of the old days or the old timers.

Copyright Andrea R. Britt, 2005. All rights reserved.