Crystal Ball Theme Bridal Shower

If there is one thing every bride to be would love to know, it is what the future holds for her. If the bride to be is the kind who reads her horoscope every day, subscribes to 3 different online email horoscope sites, has a library full of Astrology books and a crystal ball in the her living room – this theme is for her! It can be great fun to pretend play and make predictions about the future. Just be sure everyone knows this is all in jest and not to be taken seriously.

Crystal Ball Theme Bridal Shower Invitations:

  • Send out little fortune cookies and attach the party details on a piece of paper to the cookie.
  • Take a Tarot card from a deck. Put it on the front side of the invite. On the backside write, “Come and see what the future holds for you and your friend.”
  • Buy miniature wands and attach little notes with the details of the party on them. You can write, “See if your wishes will come true with a wave of the magic wand!”

Crystal Ball Theme Bridal Shower Decorations:

  • Use dim lighting by placing dark colored sheer fabric on the lights all around the room.
  • Light up a few incense sticks.
  • Ask all the guests to wear caftans ala’ mysterious palm readers and fortunetellers.
  • Hang stars and a moon from the ceiling for a galaxy effect.
  • Place a crystal ball as the centerpiece.

Crystal Ball Theme Bridal Shower Food:

  • Pretty much anything you want. Simply dress it up in a manner appropriate for the theme.
  • You could use Tarot cards as coasters.
  • Get stirrers with astrological signs crafted on the ends.
  • Star shaped sandwiches and cookies.
  • Get crystal ball bowls where you can lift the top half of the lid and use the bottom half for serving.

Crystal Ball Theme Bridal Shower Games:

  • Hire a palm reader or fortuneteller to be part of the shower. This would really stir things. If you cannot afford one or don’t want to get things so serious, simply pretend play to be a fortuneteller yourself. Make up goofy fortunes for all the guests based on your knowledge of their lives.
  • Get a ‘Know Your Fortune’ board game and play.
  • To make things really mysterious, get an Ouija board and get all the guests to play.
  • You could even try your hand at reading Tarot.

Crystal Ball Theme Bridal Shower Party Favors:

  • Incense sticks wrapped in transparent paper with ribbon.
  • Gold fortune cookie keepsake box
  • Custom imprinted chocolate wedding coins
  • Rose ball candle in gift box
  • Fake set of nails

Copyright Andrea Britt, 2005. All rights reserved.