Pitch In Theme Bridal Shower

This theme works best for a co-ed bridal shower. If the bridal couple are planning to move into their own home there will definitely be some projects for which they could use some help. Doing the roof, setting up the backyard, finishing up the pool, tiling the bathroom, painting the house or just moving into their new home.

So, why not have a party and gather a bunch of friends and family who are willing to lend a helping hand? Make sure you clear the idea with the bridal couple before you organize anything. This is not a great theme for a surprise shower!

Pitch In Theme Bridal Shower Invitations:

  • Get miniature tools like a hammer or screwdriver and attach a little note asking guests for their help. Make sure you get RSVPs since a lot of guests may not be so willing to help and you definitely need to know how many people you can expect to show up.
  • Get roof tiles or ceramic tiles and paint the invitations on them. You can even use old tiles lying around the house.

Pitch In Theme Bridal Shower Decorations:

  • None required! Since the idea is to do up the house or complete a project decorations would only get in the way. You can put up a few balloons around the house to give it a festive look.
  • One good idea would be to get t-shirts printed for all the guests that read – “Bridal Couple’s Construction Crew” and have them wear it. These could also be given to the guests as party favors.

Pitch In Theme Bridal Shower Food:

  • Take out is the best option since again the aim is to get as much accomplished on the house as possible. Call for pizzas and burgers.
  • Stock up on the lemonade, colas and water. You may want to skip serving alcoholic drinks to avoid accidents.

Pitch In Theme Bridal Shower Games:

  • A wet t-shirt contest – for the guys! This is guaranteed to evolve into a competition worthy of the Olympics. Also a great opportunity to click photographs. Hey, it is the bride’s turn to have fun after all.
  • Divide the guests into 2 or 3 teams. Assign each team an assignment to be completed for the project on hand. The team who completes their assignment fastest wins!
  • Prop up 3 ladders against the house. Divide the guests into 3 teams and have them play a ‘climb the ladder’ relay.

Pitch In Theme Bridal Shower Party Favors:

  • Miniature toolboxes filled with candy.
  • Swiss army knives.
  • Custom printed personalized t-shirts.

A bridal shower can be both fun and functional. If everyone pitches in, the bride and groom can enjoy themselves and get a head start on a lot of the tasks that starting a new life can create.
Copyright Andrea R. Britt, 2005. All rights reserved.