Rooms Around The House Theme Bridal Shower

If you know for sure that the bride and groom are planning to set up their own house after the wedding or are already doing it, then this is a great theme for the bridal shower. It adapts well to a co-ed shower as well. You can have this bridal shower in your home and use the entire house for different parts of the shower. Of course, it does mean you’re going to have to clean up the whole house!

Rooms Around the House Theme Bridal Shower Invitations:

  • Make little paper houses. Depending on how good you are at craft you can chose to make 3D Origami models or simple paper houses. Write out the details of the party on a piece of paper and roll it up like a newspaper and stick to the front ‘porch’. If that’s too much for you just go the 2D way and put all the invitation details behind the house.
  • Buy little chocolate houses and send along with simple invitations.

Rooms Around the House Theme Bridal Shower Decorations:

  • you plan to use your entire house for the bridal shower to go with the theme, then just use some festive balloons and streamers in the specific rooms that will host the food / games / other activities.
  • If you have just one room and need to adapt it to the theme, cut out large signs and designate a room to the various corners of the venue. So you can have one corner labeled as ‘kitchen’, another as ‘bedroom’, and another as ‘living room’ and so on. In each corner set up a small table and dress it up to match the designated room’s décor.
  • In the ‘kitchen’ you can set up the food table. Do the gifts and sentimental speeches in the ‘living room’. Reserve the games for the ‘bedroom’.

Rooms Around the House Theme Bridal Shower Food:

  • Choose any one room and set up the menu based on that room. You can be serving ‘breakfast in bed’. So the menu has some bagels, donuts, croissants, coffee with a dash of brandy, coffee liquors, long island iced tea and fruits.
  • If you want to a ‘candlelight dinner’ the menu will become more exotic. Serve up wine and champagne, strawberries and cream, caviar (if you can afford that!), prawns and whatever other favorites of the bride to be you can think of.
  • You could also have a ‘living room picnic’ or an ‘informal kitchen meal’.

Rooms Around the House Theme Bridal Shower Games:

  • Play the memory game for the bathroom. Have a tray filled with items from the bathroom cabinet. Show it to the guests for a minute. Cover the tray. The guest who can recollect the maximum number of items wins.
  • Put 6 different food items in 6 different jars with no labels for the Kitchen game. The guest who guesses the various foods correctly wins.
  • For the Bedroom game you can blindfold the bride and get her to wear different pieces of clothing while blindfolded. The idea is that all the guests get a piece of clothing like men’s underwear, a maternity gown, racy lingerie and the like. The bride to be does not get to see these. Once she is blindfolded, she has to figure out what each piece of clothing is and try it on. This game provides the best photo opportunities ever.

Rooms Around the House Theme Bridal Shower Favors:

  • Scented bath salts in glass heart bottle for the ‘Bathroom’.
  • Individually wrapped leaf votive candles with ribbon for the ‘Bedroom’.
  • Maple leaf cork coaster set for the ‘Dining Room’.
  • The perfect blend roses personalized coffee party favors for the ‘Living room’.

While a Rooms Around the House themed bridal shower may not involve an extreme home makeover, it does involve a bit of special preparation. Make sure you are ready to make the commitment before planning this type of wedding shower party.

Copyright Andrea R. Britt, 2005. All rights reserved.