Techie Geek Theme Bridal Shower

With the technological revolution storming the world, it is quite difficult to survive without knowing your bits and bytes. Even then, many a bride to be is comfortably ensconced in her world of technical ignorance.

The techie geek theme is perfect for the bride to be who is electronically savvy. Not only does she know how to find her way around the Internet but actually thinks that Best Buy and Costco are great places to shop! It is also perfect for the bride to be who needs a quick initiation to plasmas, home theatres, iPods and notebooks.

Techie Geek Theme Bridal Shower Invitations:

  • Evites of course! Get online and send email invitations to the bridal shower. What else would you expect from a techie geek?
  • SMS is another great option. The only hitch of course is that if you are planning to invite a whole bunch of guests, it could be tough on your thumb.
  • To keep it to good old paper and pen and still be with the theme, get television or cell phone shaped paper cut outs and write out the invites on the back.

Techie Geek Theme Bridal Shower Decorations:

  • Use colored wires instead of streamers and string them around the room.
  • You can get a bunch of promotional banners and cut outs of televisions, cell phones and notebooks to hang from the ceiling.
  • Use floppy disks and CD ROMs as coasters.
  • Use a TV trolley to serve the food.

Techie Geek Theme Bridal Shower Food:

  • Fast food it is! That’s the only kind a tech junkie knows. Open up cans of beer and coke.
  • Serve chips, burgers and wraps. Anything that can be eaten with one hand, will not leave an oily stain and doesn’t require more than 2 minutes to finish off.
  • Forget about anything refined or French (except fries)!

Techie Geek Theme Bridal Shower Games:

  • Set up a computer and keyboard and tear off one text page from any book. Let each guest have 1 minute to type out the page. The guest who types the maximum number of words in a minute wins!
  • List out 20 odd technical abbreviations. ROM, RAM, DVD, LCD, HDTV and the like. Ask the guests to expand the abbreviations. The guest, who gets the most correct, wins.
  • Get a camcorder or video recorder and set it up in one corner of the room. Make a home video for the bride to be with all her friends and family wishing her luck. Ask each guest to record a one-minute or more message for the bride to be. Convert into a DVD and give it to the bride to be as her bridal shower gift. She will cherish it forever.

Techie Geek Theme Bridal Shower Party Favors:

  • Music CDs of the latest hit album.
  • Floppy disk shaped chocolates.
  • Subscription to a site where you can download ring tones and games for the cell phones.

Some brides just aren’t cut out for a traditional wedding shower party. What a wonderful surprise for the techie minded bride, to have a bridal shower that’s as ready for the 21st century as she is

Copyright Andrea R. Britt, 2005. All rights reserved.