Travel Theme Bridal Shower

If the bridal couple is a travel buff then this is the perfect theme bridal shower for them. The real show stopper for this theme is actually being able to gift the bridal couple a honeymoon. Either all the guests at the bridal shower can get together and chip in money to send the couple […]

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Old Is Gold Theme Bridal Shower

This theme is perfect for an older couple. It works well as a bridal shower and a co-ed shower. Just remember that the idea is to celebrate things the way they were in the 60s and 70s. Practical jokes or digs at the couple’s age is a complete no-no. Old Is Gold Theme Bridal Shower […]

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Pamper the Bride Theme Bridal Shower

Every bride deserves to be pampered. This is her show after all. However, with all the wedding planning stress chances are she hasn’t had been able to do much of anything for herself lately. The Pamper the Bride theme bridal shower is a great way to give the bride a day at the “spa” and […]

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Pitch In Theme Bridal Shower

This theme works best for a co-ed bridal shower. If the bridal couple are planning to move into their own home there will definitely be some projects for which they could use some help. Doing the roof, setting up the backyard, finishing up the pool, tiling the bathroom, painting the house or just moving into […]

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Bridal Shower Planning & Free Bridal Shower Theme Ideas!

There are many joyous traditions when two people get married, but one of the most fun is the bridal shower! As fun as it is, planning for a bridal shower can sometimes be a daunting task. We are here to make planning a bridal shower easy. From Bridal Shower Themes and decorations to Bridal Shower Planning Ideas and Bridal Shower Checklists, we’ve got everything to make planning your bridal shower as simple as “I Do”….